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We undertake detailed technical audits of the products and business plans of existing and prospective investment recipients on behalf of VCs, commercial banks and investment houses. Our audits provide significant benefits throughout the investment cycle:

Pre-investment Risk Assessment
If an investment in a product-based company is considered where there are perceived risks with the integrity of the potential investment’s development plans then we will audit them, providing a technical due diligence. We will establish how realistic they are in terms of achieving specification compliance, market position and the timescales stated. We will outline the potential development risks, their importance and probability, and provide recommendations on how they may be obviated.

Investment Recovery
If an existing investment is experiencing product development delays or manufacturing issues then we can undertake a technical audit of the subject and establish an optimal recovery plan. If requested we can then proceed to facilitate our recommendations in full or in part. Typical examples include where an investment is struggling to achieve technical specification compliance, or where production yields are low or the product is too expensive to make resulting in unacceptable margins.


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