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The design is fully tested in the manufacturing environment. A small batch of the product is built in the chosen production facility to establish and tune the production process, the test process, the logistical operation and the procurement cycle.

Testing 3
The resulting pre-production batch of units is fully-tested against all the Product Specification requirements.

Approval Testing
Where applicable pre-production units are submitted to independent test houses for compliance testing against the appropriate national or international test specification regimes in areas such as, EMC, Radio or Safety in order to achieve statutory or desired approvals. This could be CE-marking, UL-accreditation, LPCB certification, BSi Kitemark certification or other approval marks or bodies.

Full-scale manufacture commences under the control of our Production Engineers. The timescales and scheduling of the product’s build is optimised to meet the client’s requirements and minimise the effect on cashflow.

First-Off Testing
The first-off units from the end of the production process are fully-tested to ensure compliance to the Product Specification.

The product starts shipping to the client and their customers.

We then Monitor your product in the market place...



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