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Design 1
We organise a design team with skills pertinent to the particular product-type, to develop the product – our hardware, software, firmware, industrial and mechanical engineers working with our production, cost and quality engineers to ensure the product design is robust, compliant and cost-effective. We constantly value-rate our designs to ensure they do not fall outside the price target for the product.

First Prototyping
Using our provisional design data we make first prototypes of the product. These will be capable of complying with many of the major elements of the performance specification and may give an indication of the product’s ultimate physical form.

Testing 1
The resulting prototypes are thoroughly tested against the Product Specification to establish the level of compliance. We usually submit at least one prototype to the client for evaluation and feedback.

Design 2
Using the results and feedback from our prototype testing the development of the product continues until we believe we have a compliant product. During this stage there may be further internal prototyping and testing of the product.

Second Prototyping
We prototype the resulting design in the expectation that it will achieve the requirements of the Product Specification.

Testing 2
The resulting prototypes are comprehensively tested against all the performance characteristic requirements. This may involve both internal and independent pre-compliance testing at an approved test house such as BSi or BRE. Prototypes are also passed to the client for evaluation and approval.

Design Optimisation
The resulting test data is used to tune the design to optimise the product’s form, fit and function. For example this may entail improving a mechanical feature such as a lid closure mechanism, reducing power consumption to extend battery life or adjusting the appearance of the software front-end.

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