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Process Control/Monitoring
The product’s build and shipping is continuously managed with the aim of delivering it at as low a cost as possible to the client on-time. The quality of the product is also monitored by taking regular samples randomly from finished goods stock and testing them against the relevant performance criteria.

Market Monitoring
The product’s reception in the marketplace is monitored. Feedback is essential.

Design Adjustments
Using the feedback from the market it may be apparent that there are opportunities to increase sales volumes further by some simple design adjustments – different colour, packaging, new features, extended range etc..

The build cost of the product can also be monitored with a view to recommending changes to the componentry or the design that could significantly reduce its cost. Component and commodity costs can vary significantly over relatively short periods of time so a simple change of component, material or supplier may significantly improve margins.

New Development
Using all the cost and market data there may be opportunities that present themselves for new products. This could comprise extending the range of products we have already created or developing a completely new range of products.

Of course there may be many more stages of Prototyping, Design and Testing than offered above and sometimes thankfully less, depending on the complexity of the product in Development but the basic process is unchanged.


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