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Approvals Guidance
We have considerable experience in achieving product compliance to various Approvals and regulatory systems. Sometimes compliance with certain specifications (CE, UL etc.) is mandatory, sometimes it isn’t but the market requires it and sometimes you might find a competitive advantage in declaring compliance. Additionally it may be advantageous to secure a BSi Kitemark or LPCB certification for your product. We can help you define what Approvals you need to achieve and how best to achieve them.

Testing Management
Most products require some form of compliance testing, either formally or through internal testing and self-certification. We can manage all this testing for you and generate the files you need to retain for compliance – be they for CE-marking, safety testing, environmental testing, radio approvals testing etc.. We have strong links with test houses such as BSi, UL, KTL, Intertek and BRE.

Product Design Audit
At any stage during a Development process it is important to stay in control of your design. It is essential the product continues to comply with all the original requirements plus is still suitable for manufacture and is legal. We can perform a full audit of your product including value-engineering, RoHS compliance, approvals compliance, production engineering and environmental suitability.

Service Design Audit
Similar to our Product Design Audit service we also offer a full audit of any service you either currently or are intending to bring to market. This can either be a service per se or simply support services relating to a tangible product such as Customer Service, Repairs, Installation, Warranty Process etc.. We will analyse and audit your service in great detail, offer you recommendations and make you aware of any potential issues/costs you may encounter with your current design.




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