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Product Market Analysis
We can evaluate your idea/prototype to establish which market sectors the product should be developed to fulfill. We can then define what that particular market’s basic and legal product requirements are and how we can add features to the product to maximise your market advantage.

Product Engineering
We can devise an optimal specification for your product based on market analysis and technical constraints. This specification is tailored to meet both legal requirements and essential market demands but also adds those ‘extra’ features that transforms your product into a market leader. We do this by establishing what the market is missing – it could be something simple like long battery life or portability or something revolutionary - either way we incorporate it into an achievable Product Specification.

Concept Development
Using an outline specification for your product we brainstorm various conceptual options for the product’s functionality and appearance. We then present these to you and discuss their merits with a view to selecting one to proceed to Development with.

Product Image Design
We can generate a great image and branding for your product that is pertinent to the target market.



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